Standard Operation Procedures (SOP's)

Actions on contact

As soon as we're notified of a ranger in trouble, we have a specific drafted message that goes across all Facebook groups and social media. As this message sent across the net, the message will state all traffic needs to take place at the Rangers Supporting Rangers (RSR) page. We do this because we don’t need to have cross traffic from other channels and all information will be up to date on the RSR page.

Simultaneously, every admin is notified in group text of what type alert and time on target (TOT) I.E. Alpha alert: TOT 12:30. We keep time so we can measure our response time during our post AAR.

The admin first on scene, is in charge. All traffic and relay up to date information as it comes. All other admins will fall into supporting rolls. As support it is our job to find a ranger who in nearby and find current contact information. To accomplish this, all admins are e-mailed and text messaged instantly when a report comes through.

Flow of people to be contacted.

Relative   >>   Local Ranger   >>   Local Law Enforcement

If we cannot contact a relative or spouse we’ll move on to making contact with a local ranger. Worst case scenario we use local law enforcement for health and welfare check. Depending on how imminent the threat is, using all three at once can still be a proper course of action.

Types of alerts

Alpha - Threat is imminent and we’ve lost contact with Ranger
Bravo - Threat is imminent but Ranger is still responsive
Charlie - Ranger is very responsive. Needs local support or someone to talk to.

Once contact is established and the situation is de-escalated, we will send an update to all those involved via facebook, email, text, notifying them to stand down.

After all the dust settles, we work with multiple non-profits and programs to ensure continued progression in the days, weeks and months to come.


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