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Limited Edition Archival Mat Canvas Print

Only 500 will be printed!

$1000 donated to The Darby Project already...  Help us sell more to increase donations!

40"x30" (Width X Height), 13oz Artist Canvas, Archival Inks, Signed and Numbered!

This is a once in a lifetime portrayal of "A Fight in the Mountains".  After a harsh reality and losing a brother(s) in arms, you have to dig deep and finish the mission.  This print will forever identify with anyone who has ever relied on a brother in a time of need.  Let this piece speak volumes to anyone and everyone who ever puts eyes on it.  Brotherhood will live on forever with us, let our story be told!
The story that influenced the print! - Read Now!

If you would like to request a specific print number (75, 175, 275, 375), please leave it in the comments section when placing your order!  We will try to honor all requests on a first come first serve basis.  Any and all Gold Star families of the Ranger Regiment may contact us at for their free print.


50% of ALL Profits will go to Gallant Few and The Darby Project. and

If all 500 sell, We will donate over 10k to Gallant Few and The Darby Project!

$1000 donated to The Darby Project already... Help us sell more to increase donations!

The Darby Project Mission

The Darby Project mission facilitates a pipeline for Army Ranger veterans into a civilian life filled with hope and purpose. "Ranger for Life" - US Army Rangers are Unique, Innovative, and Loyal, and they have made and will continue to make tremendous contributions to our nation both in defense and in the private sector. The Darby Project ensures every Ranger transitioning connects with a local Ranger buddy who can Guide him through the transition process. Rangers Lead the Way!

Darby Project Overview

Director: Grant McGarry, (2006-2011 Army, 75th Ranger Regiment) provides a revolutionary support network for Ranger veterans by Ranger veterans. Ranger veteran and founder of GallantFew, Karl Monger (1/75) realized as GallantFew grew that Darby Project needed a Ranger focused specifically on it.  Ranger Veteran Grant McGarry joined GallantFew in February 2015 as the Darby Project Director, focusing on Ranger veterans.